About Us

This site is aimed at small and medium entrepreneurs who are interested in hiring a service logo design. For companies that give their first steps as a time for companies in the market who want to renovate and improve their corporate image Logo is indispensable. That's why we've done this page. The number of sites that may result from a search on a search engine by entering the word "Logo" is huge, then what makes us special? other sites are divided into two large groups: sites that sell design and informative sites for designers. On the other hand, we do not sell or design we went to designers: we seek to inform the client of the designer to work gives better results. It is strange that they are not spread on the Web sites like this because customer engagement design is really important. If you hire a plumber to fix pipes of your business all you have to do is tell the problem and pay. However, when we talk about design HABLA to make decisions, to participate actively, becoming responsible for the result of the work.

Does this want to decide that it is you who has to design? Of course not at all. The hiring of an expert in this area is indisputable, but this is not enough. It is necessary that you put at stake to move forward with work, work with the designer, forming a team with him and that it does not consider a person to realize their whims. In other words, a designer who always said that it is probably a designer precious little. There is also a task for the designer tell you when you are making a mistake, when taking decisions is unfortunate, when should rethink an idea, and so on.

In short, the design work requires two-makers who participate actively involved in it and him: the client and designer. Although these two tasks have dissimilar this is not cause for removal but of rapprochement and complementation. But we must not believe that the designer is a schoolteacher and sit patiently explain to each point of the design theory: he simply will explain very basically what we have in mind and why it may be beneficial, but will not discuss with you: if you do not accept the proposals, he will do what the client says. That's why you need this site: to learn and not to lose valuable time in which they might be working closely with the designer. If you are dealing with an education on their own, not lose time design work in lengthy explanations by the designer and endorse proposals that are not easily understood. After reading this guide you will be able to understand the basics of design for from them and interact better with the designer as well as learn to speak better and more quickly resolve every point of interest.

To achieve better intellection of the concepts that will outline we decided to divide this site in thematic sections that will address each to a specific topic. We recommend that you read all sections and do so in the proposed order. This recommendation responds to the method of construction that has been used: from the simplest and go towards the more complex. However, we know that reading habits on the Web are more capricious than in the paper and why we read each paragraph so that it can be read smoothly in particular.

Logo Design: In this section will become a general introduction to the topic to develop along the site, will present the general characteristics of the object graph in question and presented a brief history on the use of symbols like material representative and differentiator . While it is an introductory section and mostly theoretical, practical guidelines will be presented some very useful to start thinking about a design corporate cash.

Types of Logo: one section is crucial. Here we present three types of existing logo with its benefits and disadvantages. It is an analysis that is not intended to be exhaustive nor provide definitions taxonomic, final and absolute, but we believe that it will be extremely useful for you. Knowing the three types of Logo that there can choose what you want to use that information and will help the designer infinite.

Logo and corporate identity: a section is key to understanding the workings of the corporate image and the role it plays in the Logo. This section betting that the development of its corporate logo is not intended as the realization of a graphic element lonely and detached from subsequent designs and image business in general.

Logo as agent seller: is not an information section, strictly speaking. Rather, a small analysis of an unusual power of corporate logos: the large-scale presentation of what will be its logo and is the imagination of what could become. Surely, after reading this section you will better understand the real importance of this small picture and look forward in its design.

Relationship designer: is a section that emphasizes a more humane than formal, more relational technique that determines the course of design, success or failure of it and especially the quality of work while not object but Consequently relationship between individuals and their tools.

We welcome you to this comprehensive site design logo. Thank you for having chosen to help in this new project and we hope should help. We invite you to go together this place for you.